Gallery Carla Koch

From Saturday 18 April 2015 the Amsterdam gallery Carla Koch celebrates its twentieth anniversary. With an anniversary exhibition of small objects in a limited edition for up to 750,euro especially designed by 22 artists with whom the gallery has had a fruitful collaboration for many years. New work by well-known names such as Wouter Dam, Hanneke Fokkelman, Bodil Manz, Kayoko Hoshino and many others.

Dutch ceramic and glass galleries have remarkable endurance. Gallery De Witte Voet opened its doors 40 years ago.
In April Gallery Carla Koch has been in existence for 20 years. After a flying start at the Prinsengracht, in 2007 the gallery moved to the IJ banks, where Carla Koch organises sparkling exhibitions in the Detroit Building.

What makes this gallery special? And how has it responded to the declining number of gallery visits?
Gallery Carla Koch has a unique speciality: ceramic and glass objects that mostley refer to the container shape, but which at the same time set themselves free from their function. As such, they move within the interesting no man's land between art and design.
The gallery displays different mentalities and presents both conceptual and architectural and narrative work.

Their second trump is its international orientation. That requires additional efforts and larger investments, but enriches its selection! For years Gallery Carla Koch has been presenting leading Asian, Canadian and European ceramists, including Kayoko Hoshino, Yikyung Kim, Les Manning and Bodil Manz.
A relative newcomer is the Belgian ceramist Anne Marie Laureys. Because new talent is actively followed.

Already back in 2000, the gallery launched an attractive website that significantly increased its accessibility.
Since gallery visits in the Netherlands started to decline, the gallery has been prominently represented at fairs such as the Pan Amsterdam KunstRAI, Art Breda, Rotterdam Contemporary.
In conjunction with related galleries, it also organises exhibitions at special locations that draw large audiences.
After all, Gallery Carla Koch is the main address and "knowledge centre" for the work of deceased masters such as Jan van der Vaart and Veronica Pöschl.

(text Peter van Kester)

Other activities
Carla Koch has many years of experience in glass and ceramics. She has run Gallery Inart for more than fifteen years.
When this gallery closed its doors, she made the logical decision to start her own gallery. Gallery Carla Koch opened in April 1995.

Carla Koch has several times been a supervisor of the final examinations of the departments of Glass and Ceramic Design of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam.

Carla Koch was the European representative of the prestigious Japanese "INAX Design Prize for European Ceramicists".

In 1998, Carla Koch was asked to join the nomination committee for the Rotterdam Design Prize.