Susan Hammond


1973-1981 Plymouth College of Art
Foundation course.
1981-1983 B.A Hons. Degree in Multidisciplinary Art and Design
Stoke on Trent college of Art. UK.
1984-1986 Gerrit Rietveld Academie
HBO Glass departement

. "I seek my inspiration in nature , in particular earth patterns and rock formations but also plants and in my earlier work, water.
I do not wish to make a copy but emphasize its beauty. My glass work is a result of the feelings and emotions that nature evokes in me.
My current work is inspired by landscapes, looking into the horizon of a view and contrasts in rock structures, a cliff over looking the sea.
The spaces created within and around the work also excites me. I translate my pieces in muted colours , that for me sommons up the feelings I wish to convey without dominating the form.
Static structures , stillness but also exubing energy.

Iland Grey
l 23xw14xh9cm

Ialand II
l 13xh17cm

Island Emarald
l 32xw14xh9cm

Island III
l 18xw12xh6cm

Island I
l 10xh5cm

l 15xh8cm

Island Black
l 17xw10xh7cm

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